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Part 3 of: On being a Fashion Extraordinaire.

More Q&A from Ev'Yan at, about being a Fashion Extraordinaire.


Should your style statement be something that you are comfortable in or one that looks good on you and that others compliment you for?
I think it should be a mix of both, but the majority being something that you are comfortable in. Some people might prefer you in long dresses, dripping with pearls, but if that is not your taste or your character, you'll be uncomfortable. Your style in general should always perfectly convey everything you're about, & everything you stand for. & this doesn't just apply to clothes. Your style statement reflects the relationships you have in your life, the music you listen to, the way you decorate your house, & so on. It's so important that you know precisely what you like, in all aspects of life, not just fashion. In the end, everything kind of reflects off of each other. (For a better idea of what a Style Statement is, take a look at mine.)

I've fallen into a rut when it's time for bed…I put on an old t-shirt and shorts. Help! I want to look sexy, soft and feminine without wearing lingerie that rides up my butt. What do you recommend?
I hear you on this one, because while lingerie is very pretty, it is also very impractical. I've never understood how some women will spend hundreds of dollars on fancy lingerie, when ultimately, the goal is to come OUT of it, not to wear it all night. Personally, I think lingerie is uncomfortable to sleep in. I mean, really: could you really sleep in something like this? It looks more complicated than it does pretty.

A better alternative would be a nightie. Something light & feminine, made of comfortable material, that is equally easy to sleep in, as well as pretty to look at. Victoria's Secret has some lovely, but practical ones to choose from, in all sorts of colors & sizes.

Another more simpler choice -- which I usually pick for myself -- is just a tank top, with shorts. It's still very feminine, but without much fuss. Target also has some great sleepwear, which is a lot less pricey than Victoria's Secret.

& if all else fails, just sleep naked.

Does hair grow longer in the summer or winter months?
It's not the question of longer, actually. It's faster. Hair (as well as toe nails) grows faster in the summer months. In the winter, the growth process slows down a little bit. I don't know exactly why this is. I can only assume that because of the heat, maybe our bodies are more apt to produce more hair. Either way, it can be a pain in the butt when you're trying to get rid of hair for the summer months, especially in your bikini area.

I have an old vintage (1940's) black pearl bracelet. Could I wear it with jeans or should I go for more of a chic look?
You could wear that with anything, chic or laid-back! Mixing vintage with modern is really hot right now, so pairing a bracelet like that with jeans & a nicer shirt/blouse would be ideal. You could even add a few more (modern) bracelets against the pearls to give it more interest & depth. Layering will jewelry can accentuate it better.

How do you keep your skin so smooth and clear?
Ever since I switched to being vegetarian, I've noticed a big difference in the way my skin looks. It's a lot more clear & even toned. I also drink a lot of water, so that helps with keeping it clear, too. I make sure that I take off my makeup every night with a makeup remover/cleaner. I am strongly against falling asleep with makeup on. It's so bad for your skin, & regular warm water doesn't do it quite as well as a cleanser would.

I do get breakouts still; especially around that "time of the month." But I try to take care of my skin at all times so that the breakouts aren't as consistent or bothersome. If you give your skin a strict cleaning schedule, & you stick with that religiously, I'm sure you will notice a difference in how your skin responds. What helps, too, is knowing your skin. Knowing if it's dry, oily, or combination helps a lot, because you can then decide which products you can use that will help your skin. If you have oily skin, & you're putting an oily moisturizer on top of it, you'll notice a lot of breakouts. It really helps to know your skin personally, so that you can customize your own cleaning regimen.

But don't over clean! I'm sure it's tempting to use several different methods of cleansers & masks to get that damned zit off of your face before your big date, but leave it be. By over cleaning -- & over stimulating, say, with exfoliating or masks -- you're actually doing MORE harm than you are good. & I know it's tempting to pop that zit, but it's better if you don't. Just let your skin be. Your skin has the potential to heal itself, if you let it. & whenever you get the chance to, let your skin breathe, keeping makeup off of it for several hours a day -- preferably at bed time.

How do I decide when it's time to try a new hairstyle?
Honestly, whenever you start getting bored with the one you have now. There really isn't a "life-span" for hairstyles... unless if what you have now is really, really modern or avant-garde.

You could change your hair with the seasons, but only if it's bothering you. Because I'm sure when it's really hot outside, having a long, lengthy hairstyle will be a pain for you. So maybe keep it slightly shorter, with a lighter haircolor -- because dark colors absorbs heat -- in the summer months would be good. But it's not really necessary. I think with hair, you're able to be a little more laid-back with the styles if you want. There aren't really any rules to how you should wear your hair during the months, or when you should change it. Whatever you're comfortable with is your ideal hairstyle.

What styles are in right now?
With hair, there are so many styles to choose from. You've got the pixie cut, the modern bob haircut, long layers, different color schemes, & any kind of variation in between. There are SO many styles to choose from when it comes to hair.

If you are considering changing your hairstyle, I highly suggest looking at hair magazines, especially from other countries. Places like the United Kingdom & Europe are a few years ahead of us when it comes to trends & fashions, mainly with hair. If you ever get a chance to, look at some of the magazines from those countries (they're usually found in regular bookstores like Barnes & Noble, in the magazine section). You'll see that they're way more progressive, fun, & bold.

If you find a hairstyle in a magazine that has attributes of the hairstyle you like, by all means, try it out! But be sure to tell your stylist PRECISELY what you want. You might think that you're being persnickety, but those details are completely necessary in giving you the style you want. So be very, very specific & bring lots of pictures.

On your blog, you have a statement t-shirt. Would that work for someone that is 45 years old and up?
I absolutely think you could wear a shirt like that; why not? Especially if you write something that is meaningful or sentimental to you. Not all trends are meant for the "youngins." Anyone can embrace them, if they have the confidence to do so. That's all it's about... confidence! If you have an air about you that just oozes confidence & "with-it-ness" anything can look good on you. Even if you have to "fake it 'till you feel it."

For example, Redbook magazine does a feature every month in their magazine where their cover girls (in ALL age groups!) wear a shirt that says "I Love My _______ Life." & inside of the blanks, they put whatever adjective(s) or phrases they want. You could easily do the same. Making a statement that is very powerful to you never goes out of style.

Describe a fashion blunder that you experienced and how you fixed it.
My blunder: I remember the first time I realized I was wearing WAY too much makeup. I looked at some pictures that people had taken of me at a party & all I saw was a caked on mess. I had dark all around my eyes, foundation nearly dripping off of my face, & my eyebrows were penciled in far too much. I realized that even though I thought I looked good, the camera captured a different look completely. I looked older, & kind of scary! Not just that, but I could barely recognize myself. All of that goop took away from the natural beauty in my face.

From there, I vowed to never use such a heavy hand when it comes to makeup. When penciling in my eyebrows, I made sure that the pencil matched my hair. (My hair is naturally light brown, but I was using a dark black eye pencil to fill them in. YIKES!) I also made sure that I used very, very light feathery strokes when filling them in, so that they didn't look drawn on.

Changing my foundation habits was the hardest, because if you apply makeup in a poorly lit room, you'll assume you need more than what you really do. & that's exactly what I was doing. I was applying layer upon layer & then I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a better lit room & gasp. It wasn't pretty. So, I literally had to apply my makeup with the blinds wide open -- because fresh, natural daylight is the perfect tell-tale light to use for anything -- & if I felt I needed more coverage, I would walk outside -- yes, outside!! -- with a mirror & see for myself. 9 times out of 10, I had already put too much on already, even with the blinds wide open.

Needless to say, it's takes a lot of practice, courage, & will-power to get yourself out of the blunders & habits you've created for yourself in Beauty. It's so easy to latch onto something because it's routine & it's the way you've always done it. & unfortunately, you'll get your wake up call when seeing yourself on film, or worse, a dear friend might blatantly point it out to you.

Ever since then, I've been better at not being so heavy handed, & I feel more comfortable walking out the front door.


While my mother has been very gracious in asking a lot of interesting questions, YOUR input is much needed, too! C'mon, guys. Don't be shy. ;]

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