Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'll keep the questions coming as long as you keep the answers coming.

Should your style statement be something that you are comfortable in or one that looks good on you and that other's compliment you for?

I've fallen into a rut when it's time for bed…I put on an old t-shirt and shorts. Help! I want to look sexy, soft and feminine without wearing lingerie that rides up my butt. What do you recommend?

Does hair grow longer in the summer or winter months?

I have an old vintage (1940's) black pearl bracelet. Could I wear it with jeans or should I go for more of a chic look?

How do you keep your skin so smooth and clear?

How do I decide when it's time to try a new hairstyle?

What styles are in right now?

On your blog, you have a statement t-shirt. Would that work for someone that is 45 years old and up?

Describe a fashion blunder that you experienced and how you fixed it.

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