Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Questions On Being....Black

I got an email with quite a few questions regarding what it's like being Black. I have to give kudos to the emailer....she came up with some questions that must've been circling through her brain for a long time. So without any further ado....

1. Is it true that Black people only wash their hair once a week?
Speaking for myself, yes, I only wash my hair once a week. Reason being....with Black hair, we need the oil which is a necessity for keeping our hair healthy. If it's washed too much, the hair shaft dries out and becomes unhealthy. We also use leave in moisturizer or conditioner to replenish the oils and moisture. As for extensions and weaves, they can be left in for 6 weeks and maybe longer. The hair is either synthetic or human hair. Please don't ask me where they get the hair because I have no idea. No, I don't wear a weave and don't have a desire to wear one. I'm all about being real.

2. Why do Black people name their kids long or unusual names?
My theory could be wrong but I believe that it stems back in slavery when the slaves were given names by the slave owner. The ability to name your child or yourself didn't exist. Being able to name your child whatever you dang please has a certain sense of "power" for some and they run away with that power by naming their children names such as Quaniquashaya Rria. Uniqueness is one thing but there is responsibility in naming a child (in my opinion). I believe that it's a personal choice.

3. What is one pet peeve that you have about being Black?
I hate when people that aren't Black will "name drop" or say, "My best friend is Black" when talking to me. It means nothing to me if your best friend is purple. I also hate being talked down to or condescending tones from older people who act as if I can't relate to what they are saying or talking about. Another thing I HATE is when talking to some women who act as if Oprah is God's gift to Black women. I'm sorry to admit this but some Black women aren't avid fans of Oprah' being one of them. I admire her giving spirit but there are so many other Black women that I would emulate before I choose to emulate her.

4. Have you ever been singled out because of being Black?
Yes. Many times I've been followed in a store as if the sales person was waiting for me to stick something in my purse. My daughter was accused of stealing from Claires when packages were discovered opened and jewlery missing. When questioned about why they suspected them as stealing, the manager's response was, "Well, they had braids and looked like they could be "suspicious". Turns out that there were 5 other teens in the store at the time and they were the ones stealing. Claire's never apologized, although we chose to boycott and not go to the store in the mall where we lived from that point on.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask, this is an open invitation for it. I appreciate being able to be honest. I don't believe in BSing anyone when it comes to my opinions.


  1. I am with you on this. I hate when people find out my children are mixed they feel compelled to tell me they dated a black guy once... and so on. I don't see color and could care less what someone is .:)

  2. I agree, I don't see color either.

  3. Quaniqyahaya Rria cracked me up!