Monday, March 16, 2009

On Being... a fashion extraordinaire.

Hello, everyone! I'm Ev'Yan from, & I am absolutely thrilled to be this weeks' guest blogger. I have to say, though, that my mom gives me way too much credit! I am no where close to being an "expert." But I'm happy to share what I already know with all of you. Please, be candid with your questions! I'm glad to help.


How would you describe your fashion sense?
My fashion sense is a mixture of a lot of things. It's frugal, simple, & genuine. I don't believe in wearing things that don't suit my body (like heels, for instance, which I cannot walk in for the life of me!). I am all about comfort. I also like androgynous looks, & I sometimes get inspiration from men's styles. But I like some feminine things, as well, so I would describe my look as "feminine, with a hard edge." I'm not too keen on bright, bold colors. I'm drawn to monochromatic looks: greys, whites, & blacks of all shades. The more minimalistic the better.

Are there certain outfits that you can't live without and if so, what are they?
I love American Apparel t-shirts. They're so easy to dress up or down. I also like pairing tights with things: distressed shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. My ideal outfit is an American Apparel tee, with frayed shorts, & black opaque tights. I could wear that everyday without shame because it's so comfortable (& simple), yet it's very stylish!

Define beauty.
Beauty, to me, is being 100% genuine. It's being true to yourself without boundaries. Beauty, to me, rarely has anything to do with what you look like on the outside; it has everything to do with who you are on the inside. I always try to remember is that Beauty isn't a goal I'm trying to achieve; it's who I am at this very moment, even if I have bedhead. Beauty is in ALL imperfections, especially if you can take that imperfection & make it uniquely attractive. I think everyone is beautiful.

What was the greatest find that was found at a thrift or used store? How have you used it?
I can't really pin-point one great thing that I found at a thrift store. At one time, though, most of my wardrobe was made up of thrift store clothes, & I somehow got a lot of compliments on the outfits I put together. People would ask me, "Where did you get those shoes? They're amazing!" & when I told them, they were astonished. They were even more astonished when I told them how much I spent on them (usually under $5). I still have some of those shoes today; thankfully, my shoe size is the only thing that hasn't grown over the years! I would like to do more thrift store shopping, eventually. I just need to find a good shop in my area.

What do you recommend for someone that's on a limited budget as far as looking chic and beautiful but for less?
One thing that I like to do is look at what's "In" right now. Look in magazines, websites, & higher end stores, & get an idea of what trends you like. Make a list of the pieces you were drawn too & then go to places like Target, H&M, Ross, Payless, TJ Maxx, even thrift stores to see if you can find pieces that are very similar to the "It" looks. A lot of stores have "knock-offs" -- meaning, replicas of trends in fashion, so you're bound to find something. Even better if you can go to a thrift store & find something vintage that resembles today's "It" items, because you most likely won't spend a lot of money. Especially if the trend is short-lived; you won't feel bad when you know you've only spend $10 on it.

What's the most important accessory that makes the outfit?
Absolutely ANY kind of adornment: berets, scarves, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, shoes. People ask me where to start to make an outfit look "amazing." & I always say that they should find one accessory that they love, & use that as the main focal point of the outfit. It always works! You could wear a seemingly plain, black dress, but have a very bright, fun necklace that makes the entire outfit pop! (Even better if the necklace has colors in it that could match your shoes.) Any kind of accessory -- funky vintage necklaces, a colorful scarf, an intricate bracelet -- can have this effect on your outfits. It's the easiest way to make an outfit unique, so be on the lookout for interesting accessories to complete your look. You'll find that you won't have as many "I don't know what to wear" days when you have a lot of accessories to play around with. (Forever21 has GREAT jewelry & accessories.)

If you could dress in one era....what era would that be and why?
Even though it goes against what I would normally wear, I would love to be in the 1920s era. I love the flapper styles. I love the long dresses, with long pearls & beautiful head-pieces. If I could have any excuse to wear a dress such as that, I would take it. But these days, it's very rare to have that opportunity. Even in the 50s, women would wear such beautiful dresses, & for no other reason but to go to dinner. Sure, I could walk around wearing a dress like that, but people would certainly look at me funny. For me, the next best thing is a maxi dress, which is a modernized version of a long dress.

What is one piece of makeup that you won't do without?
Mascara, definitely! It's the easiest way to liven up your face & make your eyes pop without doing much. I'm also trying to get into the habit of wearing red lipstick often, because it can instantly glamorize your makeup without much effort. The only bad thing is that red lipstick gets everywhere, & I have yet to master the tricks to keep it on my lips & not on my cheeks, teeth, chin, etc. But practice makes perfect!

Pancake says:
What I would love to learn is, how to use make up to make my eyes pop! I have light blue eyes. HELP!
Blue eyes -- ALL eyes -- can be dressed up with any color; it is only limited to your imagination! But to REALLY bring out your blue eyes, brown, bronze, peach, & even a darker shade of blue (like navy) would be perfect for you. If navy is too dark for you, go a few shades lighter. Same with brown, or bronze.
Experiment & play around with all colors. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on eyeshadows, go to a drugstore, & pick out a few inexpensive brands to test out. (Wet N' Wild, CoverGirl, Milani, & Maybelline are great.) Go for any color that you're attracted to. & if you like what you see when you put it against your eyes, then you can consider buying a more high-end brand. But I find that drugstore brands are just as good as "professional", department store brands.

Oh, & don't forget the mascara!

There are no "rules" to makeup or fashion, so don't read too much into "blue eyes should only wear this color, & brown eyes should only wear that color." All that matters is that it looks fantastic on you, & that you feel 100% confident in sporting the look, no matter how seemingly odd or "out there."

Keep the questions coming! :]


  1. That was so fun! Your daughter is a doll, and I am going to follow her rules because I want to look like her!