Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Part 2 of: On being a fashion extraordinaire!

More Q&A for Ev'Yan at apricot-tea.com; the "Fashion Extraordinaire!" (According to my very proud mother.)


What do you recommend for those days when your hair just doesn't do what it's supposed to do? Short of wearing a hat, I had that problem this morning.
There are so many ways to "cover up" a bad hair day. Going back to what I said earlier about adornments, hats, scarves, headbands, bobby pins, etc. are GREAT ways to hide the fact that your hair is being defiant. All kinds of hats are in right now -- berets, fedoras, knitted beanies, newsboy hats -- & they usually can be worn with any kind of outfit. The best way to know for sure is by trying them on before hand. Prepare for the "bad hair day" before it even happens. Experiment with different ways you could wear & pull off a hat. Maybe wear your hair in a low bun (if you have long hair) or flip the ends of your hair up slightly (if you have a bob haircut). You might think, "I look so silly in hats!" but if you're open to the idea, they can absolutely work for you, especially if you take the time to make them work.

Hair accessories are also great ways of hiding a bad hair day. Right now, there are beautiful headbands to choose from & you can go almost anywhere to find them. One of my favorite places to find accessories online is shopruche.com; they have A LOT to choose from, & their prices are fairly reasonable.

& if you STILL don't feel like going the extra mile for hats or headbands, a few simple bobby pins will do. You'd be surprised just how chic your hair can look with some inexpensive bobby pins. Pin your hair back for a faux pompadour look; do little twisties in the front; or simply put a bobby pin on one side of your hair for a slick look. With bobby pins, the possibilities are endless! You'll never know until you try & play around with them a bit.

What beauty products do you swear by or use faithfully?
Lately, I can't get enough of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. My feet & heels get very dry during the winter months, so I've been trying to prepare my feet for spring, flip flop weather. Shy of me getting a professional pedicure, where they could buff off the dry, dead skin, I just put a layer of cocoa butter on my feet & heels before bed, put a sock on & go to sleep, & within a few days my feet are smooth! I kid you not; it's amazing! I definitely recommend that.

I also like St. Ives Apricot Scrub; not just because it's a great, low-priced exfoliant, but because they don't test on animals. I'm trying to get more into the habit of only buying animal friendly products.

When polishing my fingernails, the nail polish always wears out on the tips by the next day...why is that and what should I do to prevent that?
You could be applying too heavy of a coat. Usually, chips happen because the coats you're applying are thick & you probably aren't giving them enough time to dry in between reapplying.

Next time you go to paint your nails, apply one thin coat & let it dry completely before applying another layer. I recommend waiting for about 20-30 minutes, because that way you'll know for sure they're dry. If you do thin enough coats, it won't matter if you reapply up to 5 times! It should stay intact a lot better if you make sure that you're applying thinly, & letting them dry completely in between.

One thing I like to do, too, is wear rubber gloves when I'm washing the dishes, or cleaning around the house. The chemicals we use daily -- in dish water, in bathroom & kitchen cleaners -- take a toll not only on our hands, but on our nails. Your nail polish will chip a lot faster when exposed to things like that. I find that when I use dish gloves, I can get a good 2 weeks wear out of my polish. Think of your nail polish -- & the time you use to apply it -- as an investment. I, personally, hate the thought of me spending a few hours on making my nails look perfect, only to go & put them in situations where they could be easily ruined.

What do you consider a fashion "do"?
Tights, of all colors, are a definite DO! Especially for spring dresses & skirts. Floral patterns are a DO! Flat shoes are a DO in my book, but only because I find heels to be completely impractical & terribly unhealthy for your body. (Seriously, not trying to convert anyone, but this article speaks volumes! Why would you want to do such trauma to your feet?!) Dresses & skirts with deep pockets are a DO! Mixing feminine pieces with somewhat masculine pieces (a blazer, perhaps) is a DO! Colorful makeup is a DO! (This article has some GREAT tips & trends about makeup this spring, & in general.)

What do you consider a fashion "don't"?
Ill-fitting clothing is a DON'T! Low-rise jeans is a DON'T! (This is just out of control!) Cakey, gloppy makeup is a DON'T! Certain (passing) trends -- like this, & this, & THIS! -- are a definite DON'T! (More like NEVER.) Obnoxiously loud bling-bling is a DON'T! Not wearing a bra -- or at least not covering up the girls a little better -- is a DON'T!

I could obviously go on for days about the DON'Ts of fashion; & these are very extreme DON'Ts, but still. Don't do them. What matters most is what you do DO!


Sandi says:
Give me the fashion must for a busy mom who wears jeans every damn day! How can I jazz them up?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing jeans everyday! Especially if you're on the go most of the time. One great way to jazz up jeans is -- yes, I know, I sound like a broken record... but -- accessories! Maybe an interesting belt, or better yet, using a pretty scarf as a belt brings some interest to your ensemble. Other things like light cardigans, fringe vests, & long necklaces are good, too! I also suggest maybe doing some embellishments on your jeans. Maybe sew on some lace material lining the outside of your pockets; or you could try distressing them a bit like I did with a cheese grater & a knife. Little things like that will make your seemingly boring jeans a lot more fun, playful, & unique. & they're such easy things that it won't feel like you're weighed down with layers & layers of jewelry & fabric. They're simple enough, but still intriguing.

I hope you all enjoyed this! Keep the questions coming, please!


  1. You've got some really good ideas! I like the do's and seriously, you have nothing to worry about in the don't department. I would die trying to walk in something covered in horse fur!

    Tights are cute on people that are tiny but what about a 45 year old who has hips for days?

    PS--thanks for doing this, Baby! I appreciate it!

  2. To the comment above- Whatever...You don't have hips for days!

    Thanks Ev'Yan, I am going to work on dressing up my jeans. You have been fun to read!

  3. Get this stupid word verification off this blog! :)