Saturday, February 7, 2009

This is where it begins

After posting on my other blog what it means to be a Black woman in America, I discovered that there were were many curious questions on what it was like being Mormon, Asian, a teacher, abused, divorced, remarried, an adoptive parent.

It takes one spark to get a fire going and from that one spark, the flame has grown. This is a blog devoted to enlightening and inspiring those that are curious, interested, intrigued, wondering.

I will begin by saying that there are no stupid questions, only those questions that have always existed and waiting for someone to ask.

The topics will be varied throughout each week. I will have guest bloggers who will answer the questions and are willing to be candid and interesting as well as real.

It is my hope that this will become a blog where many people will come to find answers, without the fear of asking.


  1. I'm here, sitting comfortably with large Latte in hand......

    Fraid there isn't a topic I can cover there but am keen to read what others have to say.


  2. PS will you add a followers link please?

  3. If you post the follower buttons it makes it easier for everyone to link it! Again GREAT idea!

  4. Girl.........I can cover midlife, menopause, being an orphan, abusive and toxic relationships, remarriage, divorce.

    Let me know. I'm game.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. Loving this!

    I'm in for most of what Midlife is in the comment above mine,e xcept for being an orphan and remarriage. I can also do single parenting, cheating husband, and "overweight, doesn't exercise and can't get movtivated". LOL

    Oh, and quitting smoking.

    Oh, and getting back into the dating pool.

    Oh, and needing to get laid badly but having no prospects.

  6. You're so funny, Julie! I almost choked on my tea! I'm glad that you all are willing givers because that means that there will be some questions that may be hard to answer.

    I'll be posting the very first guest blogger and the topic later this evening! Stay tuned to see what the first topic is.