Sunday, February 8, 2009

On Being....Remarried (Guest Blogger - Sandi)

I'd like to introduce the very first "brave" guest blogger who will have a chance to answer any and all questions you may ask regarding remarriage. I know that I have many myself, being engaged and all.

I appreciate you doing this Sandi!

Please introduce yourself and give us a peek into your life as a remarried woman...the how's and whys and all of that.

Thank you!


  1. So, it works like this.. Sandi takes a day and sayd Hi this is Sandi..... then opens it for questions?

  2. Sandi can begin with introducing but you can also begin asking her questions. She can choose to answer the same day one by one or all of them, the next day. Whichever works out best.

    Let the questions begin.

  3. The expert has arrived! I am ready for you all. Bring on the questions.

    I seem to be the expert on REMARRIAGE, because I did it so quickly and efficiently. So if any of you curious people need or want to know anything about being married after divorce. I am here to answer.

  4. I wish I was married to think of divorce to think of re-marriage.
    he hehe..
    But yes, anyway I like the post and efforts.
    Best-Wishes !

  5. How long were you divorced before you remarried?

    Was it difficult for your kids?

    Did you ever feel fear that you would end up divorced once again?

    What is different this time around from the first time?

  6. How many times did you call new hubby by old hubby's name? Was it in a fit of rage or passion or just in passing?

    I called my ex "honey" right after we were divorced and bawled because I was so embarrassed and pissed at myself. Thank god it was just he and I and there were no witnesses.