Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Questions for Sandi

You mentioned almost being excommunicated from the Mormon church. Are you both spiritually in tune with one another's beliefs?

How do you agree when you're both wanting something done your way or the "old way"?
For instance, Boo believes that the dishwasher should be used for drying clean dishes....obviously, I don't. How do you agree to disagree without major arguments?

When there's a family get together of any sort, do the ex's join in with your family or do they celebrate the occasion on their own?

What are you both doing differently that you didn't do in your previous marriages?



  2. Hahaha

    Yes, I do interviews and articles for magazines on a freelance basis so I've had plenty of experience interviewing.

    Barbara Walters I am not although I must admit that I wanted to get real in depth and personal on a few questions but chose not to! Aren't you lucky??? LOL

  3. What the Hell? If I am going through this anyway, you might as well ASK the in depth/personal stuff. I promise you I am not afraid to share! I am going to work on the latest questions, so if you want to add others do it now.

  4. Here's more questions...

    Let me see if I have this correctly, you and Brandon became a couple while you were both married to your ex's? How do you get past the distrust without it always come back up in your face?

    **side note**my ex cheated on me years ago, before this last time and although the ball was in my court, we both decided to make it work and not give up. Was there any hope that your first marriage could've been salvaged? ***Btw, he cheated again and this time, it was a done deal.****

    Do the older children understand and have accepted your second marriage?

    Why didn't you let the church excommunicate you instead?

    Is there anything that you miss from your first marriage that doesn't exist in your second?

    How do you keep the love alive with having so much on your plate?

  5. I'm really enjoying this new blog. It's fun and you're asking really great questions!