Monday, February 23, 2009

Living With A Child With ADHD/ODD

First of All I want to start out by thanking Simone for having me here as a guest blogger. What you are doing is wonderful and will help create awareness on many different subjects.

My name is Jill from Jill's Believe It Or Not. I am a stay at home mom and wouldn't change that for anything. I have two beautiful girls, Gianna who is 3, and Alexa who is 7. Both of my children have medical problems and life hasn't always been easy but it has taught me so much. We are a stronger, more loving family because of it.

Alexa has Epilepsy and in the last two years has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD disorders. There are so many children out there that have these disorders and are living undiagnosed. Having the diagnosis for her has changed her life so much in a positive way. Before she was diagnosed things were tough on all of us. I am hoping that through this interview I can touch someone's life and answer any questions you may have.

What was the journey like as your little one diagnosed? Before she was diagnosed we were unable to control Alexa's behaviors. She was acting out in school, not getting along with others, not being able to stay on any task, and not comprehending. Alexa wasn't able to sleep at night, she would twist and turn and wake up exhausted in the morning. I had to push and fight for her to find the right pediatrician and Psychiatrist
to correctly diagnose and treat her.

Did you feel disbelief in the diagnosis? I actually am the one who knew from the beginning that something just wasn't right with her. You could see in her eyes that she wanted to behave, to listen , to learn but there was something holding her back. Doctors tried to blame it on medication, the terrible twos and the Epilepsy but I refused to accept that. Although medication has and can effect ADHD I knew that it was not the main cause for it.

Have you had to adapt or do anything differently than you’d normally do? In the beginning I would say I tended to avoid certain family gatherings and other social events because I was afraid of her behavior. I have learned that unless someone deals with this themselves they find it very easy to label your child.

What symptoms do you struggle with the most? I struggle the most with the constant mood swings. Too much stimulation from a day of school or a long day on the weekend can put her into an uncontrollable rage of anger. The medication she is on works all day but right about the time she gets home from school it begins to wear off . Her body has what they call a let down period and is adjusting to not having the medication. During this time sometimes another medication has to be given to her to make the transition easier. It is very hard to see such a young child battle with depression and anger. I would say that is the hardest thing about this disorder.
I am really looking forward to answering more questions. I am a very open person and I am up for any questions!
Thank you again Simone!

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